About Sri Lanka
About Sri Lanka
About Sri Lanka
About Sri Lanka
About Sri Lanka

About Sri Lanka

"The finest Island of its size in all the world..."

Marco Polo

Such a vast range of attractions rarely comes as neatly packaged as on this beautiful Indian Ocean island of surprises.

Explore the monumental treasures of the Cultural Triangle where local guides will bring the past to life. Contrast the ruined spiritual capital of Anuradhapura with the exciting, vibrant city of Kandy. Mix in some beach time to recharge, then get your nature fix hiking in the hill country. Complete your Sri Lankan experience with some wildlife watching in one of the many national parks.

3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Sri Lanka

Peak Performance
Views of misty lakes and lush green ridges undulating towards the sunrise are ample reward for the gut-busting climb up 5000-plus steps through tea plantations - you can rest and refresh at the tea shops en route - to the pilgrimage summit of Adam's Peak.

Extreme Encounters
Think safari, think Africa – until you learn that Sri Lanka is the wildlife destination in Asia, and a safari costs a lot less too. Tour the national parks for a chance to spot leopards and elephants, ride the waves on a whale watching trip, or simply gaze at the exotic bird life.

Go north - Go local
Go before the crowds descend and you will locals keen to welcome tourists and show off their region. Highlights include empty beaches backed by fishing villages, remote cultural relics, and the absorbing town of Jaffna. Here colonial heritage mixes with a noticeably Indian flavour, producing a distinctive Tamil identity.

Running In The Family by Michael Ondaatje
This Divided Island by Samanth Subramanian
The Village In The Jungle by Leonard Woolf
Cinnamon Gardens by Shyam Selvadurai

Useful Facts:
Main international airports: Colombo
Cost of a restaurant meal: Anything from 2-3 USD each
Cost of a beer: About 1.5 USD